Maps and Projects created by Maggie.

Pharmacy Deserts

Maggie had the honor of partnering with her Father, Dr. Andrew M. Peterson, PharmD, PhD, FCPP, to co-author a study on pharmacy deserts in Philadelphia County, PA and Harris County, TX. She worked with Pharmacists from University of Texas at Austin and USciences in Philadelphia (now part of St. Joseph’s University) to create heat maps of the availability of buprenorphine and Narcan in chain and independent pharmacies in aforementioned counties.

In America: Remember

Continuing the Fall 2020 installation of In America: How could this happen…, Maggie continued working with local DMV visual artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, along with her colleagues at GW, to produce one of the worlds largest COVID-19 memorials – In America: Remember. It was housed on the National Mall for three full weeks September – October 2021.

Maggie worked with ESRI, the mapping software company, to create a digital version of this installation. On the website , users can digitally plant flags, which were then planted physically on the National Mall. Users can also search where there flag is on the mall to help navigate them to the flag itself.

Over 670,000+ flags were planted to honor each individual life lost to COVID-19.

In America: How could this happen… Digitization

Working with local DC artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, Maggie, along with others from GW and University of Maryland, physically mapped the In America installation of white flags to identify all flags with dedications to individuals who passed away from COVID-19. Maggie then georeferenced these maps and digitized the flags into point features. She then took that information, through ArcGIS Online, and created an interactive WebMap, WebApp, StoryMap, and survery123 form so individuals can search for the flag they dedicated, read about the installation story, and add a flag to the new virtual memorial.

Before and after the digitization of In America: How could this happen…

Program on Extremism

Took data provided by GW’s Program on Extremism(PoE) to help map out Federal Cases in relation to the Capitol Hill Siege by county. Find more information on tracking terrorism cases on their webpage.

On the left is the map from the March 2021 data provided by PoE.

On the right is an updated map for April 2021. Data provided by the PoE. View the interactive dashboard on Tableau.

Deliverables for Course Work

Hobby Mapping