About me

I have a myriad of interests but my main focus is on the intersection between GIS, archaeology, and digital communication. The questions I ask myself are as follows: How can GIS be used to convey information in an attainable, sustainable, and accessible way? How can we tell stories of the past through spatial analysis with relevance to a continuously changing world? How can we take data and make it accessible, be it archaeology or intelligence work?

I have a passion for connecting to each individual I work with and am a strong believer in a positive and supportive work environment. I recently have been working on some GIS work related to my position at GW, highlighting the intersecting aspects of anthropology, visual art, data collection, and data visualization with a StoryMap digitizing a popular COVID-19 memorial called In America: How Could this Happen? I enjoy a good Netflix binge, but when not on the couch I am walking neighborhood dogs and finding food gems in the District. 

“We combine visual art, data analysis, and human interaction into one space, which enables people to comprehend the massive impact this virus has on a fathomable scale, while also highlighting every individual’s story.”

Maggie Peterson, GW Press Release